Episode 2 : Rhythm and Rumble in the Jungle - Zaire '74

It's Fight Night!

Rumble In The Jungle Pic.jpg

Mayweather vs. McGregor is ON!!! But...in 1974, the world was abuzz about another fight: Muhammad Ali would take on George Foreman for the heavyweight championship of the world..and to promote it, a huge music festival would be held in Kinsasha, Zaire to promote the fight. It would be a celebration of African culture and music, and a precursor to one of the greatest sporting events of the century. James Brown, BB King, Bill Withers and dozens more artists would come together in the Congo for what would become one of the most legendary music festivals of all time: Zaire 74. Tune in to this episode of "All Damn Night" to learn about the fight, the festival and the people who made up this unforgettable event.